Rooting a Rose Bush

Recently my daughter gave me a cutting of her Grandmother’s rose bush. (Her Grandmother on her Daddy’s side who is no longer with us.)  Its an old fashion rose bush, unfortunately all we know is that is very old and the flowers are red.

To begin, I cut the leaves off of the stem and cut the stem into 4 pieces.  Make sure that the pieces that you use are straight thick stalks.

Once cut, I took a knife and scraped one end of each cut stem just a little and then dipped the scraped end in growth hormone.


I had already prepared my pot with loose dirt and made 4 holes twice as large as the stem.  Why twice as large as the stem?  So when you put the stem in the hole it won’t knock off the growth hormone.

Keep soil moist.

Within a week I had results.


Notice the new shoots emerging from the stalks.

I will give them more time to grow roots and then I will transplant to individual pots and eventually they will find there place in my garden.

Tired and true and very easy.


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