Looky what I found in the garden…..

Yellow Swallowtail Caterpillar

Yellow Swallowtail Caterpillar

I planted dill this year because I also planted pickling cucumbers.  My intent was to use the dill in the canning of my DILL pickles.    Usually I would have been upset to see caterpillars covering my plant but  not these caterpillars.  I was delighted to see the swallowtail.   I recognized them immediately, I did my little happy dance and grabbed the camera.



Once they finished off the dill they moved on.  I’m not sure where they morphed into Butterflies. But the garden is now full of dancing butterflies.

11061770_1067214899962965_3273105081507088143_o 11874995_1063811983636590_21959471104533499_o-1After I did a little research I discovered that dill is a host plant to swallowtails.  You can bet your bottom dollar we will always have lots and lots of dill each and every year.

Tried and true, from me to you.


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