CCChherrry Jeeelllly , Cherry Jelly (sung to the tune of Sherry Baby by Franki Valli)

My buddy came by last night with 4 gallons of cherry juice that she had squeezed out of the cherries that she harvested from her cherry tree.  She had a bumper crop this year and is a little panicked to use them before they go bad.  She had accomplished the hardest part by extracting the juice from the fruit.  Unfortunately we were only able to use 1 gallon to make the 24  – 1/2 pints that we made.

The recipe is pretty easy.

4 –  Cups of juice

1  – Package of Sure-Jel (yellow box)

6 – Cups of Sugar

Bring juice to rolling boil and add Sure-Jel.  Bring back to rolling boil and add sugar, bring back to boil and boil for 1 minute.  Ladle into jars and put in to bath canner for 10 minutes.

That’s it!  Needless to say we will be canning more of these little treasure in the near future considering we have 3 more gallons of juice.

Tried and true Y’all!



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