Sunset at high school football game, gotta love those Friday Night Lights!

Folklore for the Season

  • Heavy September rains bring drought.
  • September blow soft, till the fruit’s in the loft.
  • Married in September’s golden glow, smooth and serene your life will go.
  • If the storms of September clear off warm, the storms of the following winter will be warm.

“Lord, it is time. The summer was very big. Lay thy shadow on the sundials, and on the meadows let the winds go loose. Command the last fruits that they shall be full; give them another two more southerly days, press them on to fulfillment and drive the last sweetness into the heavenly wine.”
–     Rainer Maria Rilke

Weather Folklore of the Day

Fair on September first,Fair for the month.

Last 7 Days

As many days from the first new moon, so many times will it thaw during the winter.

Expect rain if geese are especially noisy.

If ants carry eggs to higher ground, expect rain.

Expect rain if chickens refuse to come out of their coop.

If ice will bear a man before Christmas, it will not bear a mouse afterward.

When ditches and ponds affect the nose, look for rains and stormy blows.

Easterly winds on May 19 to 21 indicate a dry summer.

A hard winter will come if deer are gray in October.


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