Now that I am an old hand at Chickens, I wanted to add to our little hobby farm and raise some ducklings.  Cute lil fellows and boy are they messy.  I have had them now for a couple of weeks and things are going well.  A couple of things that I have learned, they really like water.  I know they are ducks, but I didn’t realize how much water they would use in a day.  The waterer in the picture holds 1 gallon of water.  I change it two times a day, morning and nights.  I also clean their brooder twice a day as well.  They have to have water to eat and they have to keep their nostrils moist.  But be careful of the container that you use, because they can drown in the first few weeks of their lives.

They can be fed chick starter food non-medicated.  But they need a little more niacin than chicks do so you have to add a supplement to their food so that their legs grow strong and healthy.  It is recommended to give them brewer’s yeast for the additional niacin that they need.



Also, give them oats with their food too.  This will ensure that their wings grow strong.  But not too much, you want their primary diet to be the chick starter/grower.

Also, they love greens (kale, dandelions, grass).  It is a special treat for them and they are so appreciative.

A bathtub is a great place to keep them, but if you’re like me you don’t have an extra bathtub laying around.  So you have to improvise.  I went to Walmart and bought a tote big enough to fit into the old cabinets that I am using to house them.  I lucked out and bought one that fit perfectly.  We cut an opening that they can easily come in and out of and it worked great.  Now the wet can be wet and the dry can be dry.



I can already tell in two weeks that they will out grow this very soon.  So I got to come up with another plan and soon.

So far this has been a fun experience and the ducklings seem happy.  I will keep you posted as they grow older and bigger.



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