Let’s Bee clear!


Let’s Bee clear, I have no idea what I am doing.  This past weekend proved to BEE very exciting for our new arrivals and their new owners.  Yep they swarmed and to be honest, I don’t think I could have done anything to stop them.

IF you will remember from my earlier post, I knew that I had queen cells in my newly installed Nuc.  I had been given tons of advice about what I should do.  But after much hee hawing, I decided to take the easy way out and do nothing and let nature run its course. So they swarmed Saturday and again Sunday.  Now Saturday after they swarmed (see above picture) they came back to the hive (see below picture).



What a sight for someone who has never seen a swarm.  That evening I posted the event on SC Beekeeper forum on FB.  Everyone said they would swarm again the next day and sure enough they did.  But this swarm was quite a bit smaller and appeared to return to the hive as well.

I can’t say whether or not they swarmed again Monday.  I will go into the hive Saturday to see what is going on in the hive.  I am calling the swarm hive, hive # 2.

Hive #1 had not been checked since I installed the nuc on April 1st. So it had been 15 days since they were added to the hive and I was anxious to see how they were doing.


Welp, there they are, they are smoked down a little in this shot.  But they are there. DSC_0211

Looks good, we got honey, honey!


What have we here?  Drone cells? But a nice brood pattern on the other side.


Everything look good, as an inexperienced beekeeper, I rolled my queen, said a little prayer that she will be ok.  Its easy to do when you have so many bees.  Rookie mistake.

Discovered I got some more work to do.


I’m not sure if I like these frames are not.  I will have to scrape this off and let them try again.  Maybe apply a little wax on the frame to help them out.

All in all this nuc seems to be doing really well.  I can get rid of the burr comb.  I need to find out why the queen is laying drone cells?  I sure hope we don’t have anymore swarms.  I am hoping to keep my new found friends around for a while.